Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness. It's our privilege to heed the calling. Life, for a few of us - it's just not enough to get through the day to make it to the next. For us few, it's about experiencing every moment with heart-pumping adrenaline, fueling each breath with the adventure of NOW. Life is about leaving it all on the table and making "NOW" everything. Liberty - for the select few - is the freedom to push the limits of your very being. It's the conviction of not following your passion, but leading it - in your distinct fashion. It's about rising above the collective and saying, "I am one-of-a kind and I have arrived." And for those of us who truly live the Dbot5 lifestyle, the Pursuit of Happiness isn't just about the pursuit...for those who know, it's about living unapologetically and finding happiness in the NOW. Do you hear the calling? Dbot5. Live your passion out loud.